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Here you will find information about upcoming events, as well as information on how to organise your own Apache events.

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ApacheCon is the official conference of the Apache Software Foundation. ApacheCon, in common with all Apache events, exists to support, develop and grow our communities. At ApacheCon, current and future users, along with those who build on top of the software produced by the foundation, have the chance to learn from the developers and experts behind our projects, software and community. It provides a chance to expand your knowledge, learn about current and future projects, share what you known on software, development and community, and brings people together to celebrate the best of the foundation and what it produces.

Individual ApacheCons have their own dedicated websites. Information on the current/future events should normally be available on the dedicated ApacheCon site.

ApacheCon North America

The next ApacheCon North America will take place in Vancouver, Canada. The Big Data part runs May 9th to 12th, details are available here. ApacheCon Core runs after that, from the the 11th to 13th May, details here. For more information, please see the dedicated http://www.apachecon.com/ site.

ApacheCon Europe

There isn't currently a confirmed date for the next ApacheCon Europe, announcements are expected just after ApacheCon North America 2016 in May.