Apache Conferences and Events Mailing Lists

The Conferences Committee oversees two public mailing lists (plus several private ones). These two lists are open to all, and we encourage people interested in helping with running Apache events (from the smallest of meetups through to the largest of ApacheCons) to join them to help.

ApacheCon Discuss apachecon-discuss@apache.org
Subscription address: apachecon-discuss-subscribe@apache.org
Archives: Web archives
Use: Discussions on the future of ApacheCon, and future ApacheCons.
(Discussions for current and upcoming ApacheCons which have been approved occur on other lists)
Small Events Discuss small-events-discuss@apache.org
Subscription address: small-events-discuss-subscribe@apache.org
Archives: Web archives
Use: Discussions on future small events, such as BarCampApaches, Meetups, Retreats and Hackathons
Used for discussing and planning small events that are not yet ready to seek final approval

In addition to the two public lists, there is also the concom list. This is open to all Apache committers, and is privately archived.

ConCom (Committers Only) concom@apache.org
Subscription address: concom-subscribe@apache.org
Subscription note: All subscriptions are moderated, please subscribe with your @apache.org address
Use: Policy, budgets, discussions with external parties which cannot be done in public etc. Not normally used for event planning.