About Apache Roadshows

Apache Roadshows are small regional one- or two-day events, intended to build local community and educate about what the Apache Software Foundation does.

While not a traditional roadshow (ie, a traveling event with multiple stops), we use the name to indicate that there may be multiple small events on a particular continent. Thus, the Europe Roadshow may have small events in Berlin and Barcelona during the course of a year, while the North America Roadshow might have events in DC and Chicago.

Road shows are typically one or two days, having one or two tracks of content. They are often focused on a particular technology (e.g., Tomcat or Spark) or industry segment (e.g., IoT or Big Data).

They can be organized by any Apache member, and may receive funding and promotion from the ASF, based on availability. It may be colocated with another event, or it may be standalone.

Road shows are a great way for companies to support the ASF via donated space and sponsorship. If you’d like to host a roadshow, please contact the community development mailing list with your ideas.

Other event types include: