ApacheCon playbook

This playbook is focused at ApacheCon or Roadshow volunteers who are actively involved in planning and running Apache events. Please be sure to bring your questions to the planners@ mailing list!

What to do before, during, and after an Apache event

This is a set of recommended actions that an event organizer may do before, during, and after ApacheCon.

Many of the recommendations in here can, of course, be applied to any Apache event or Roadshow, including third-party events, or project events run by PMCs.

If you do these things, you gain the benefit of promotion from the larger Apache community. Also, these are based on our experiences running ApacheCon.

This is a work in progress - please feel free to make suggestions!

Before You Start

Review the Event Branding Policy and secure permission for any events not produced directly by the ASF or its contracted producer(s). If you are an Apache PMC running your own event, please review the policy to ensure you’re presenting the best face for ASF brands.


Planning Topics To Cover




There are several different pages/directories that store event-related information, both about ApacheCon and other ASF related events.

Main ApacheCon website, including separate archive.apachecon directories: https://apachecon.com/ https://svn.apache.org/repos/infra/apachecon/www.apachecon.com Flat HTML, published instantly upon checkin

General event info page: https://events.apache.org/ https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/concom/site/trunk/content/ Managed by the Apache CMS, publishing is a separate step

ComDev Event Calendar listing: https://community.apache.org/calendars/ https://community.apache.org/about/#about-this-website