Volunteer to help at ApacheCon

Volunteer to help at ApacheCon

Coordination of ApacheCon happens on two lists:

At this time, we can use help in the following areas - typically for each ApacheCon that happens. To volunteer, please send email to the apachecon-discuss mailing list indicating your availability.

Calls For Papers

The CFP for each ApacheCon draws hundreds of submissions about projects all around the ASF. We always need volunteers who can show up on time when the CFP closes to help rate talks and schedule specific tracks. Many Apache PMCs are now managing their own tracks or co-located events at ApacheCon, which is great.

Promotions and Publicity

While the ApacheCon Planners work with VP, Marketing & Publicity for some basic services, we always could use Apache committers retweeting and amplifying the official notices about conferences.

Follow @ApacheCon and @TheASF, and help spread their message about upcoming events.


Hackathon Coordinator

Local interest

Preferably someone that lives local to the venue: Update the website to indicate what the local attractions are - restaurants, beaches, bars, dance venues, and so on. Update content in wiki, and work with Producer to update the main event website.

“Meet the experts” coordinator

Identify people that can participate in a “meet the experts” area. Determine what this entails. Coordinate scheduling of this event with Producer and VP Conferences. Promote the event.

Lightning Talks